Mano A-Mato Part 3

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One of your buddies, good 'ole Bobby Bowden getting recognized... getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, what do you have to say about that?

"Amen, it could have happened 10 years ago, but well deserving, with the fact that he's the winningest coach in college football right now. It's just a matter of which one lives longer, who's going to win it all, it couldn't be a more deserving award for a more deserving person."

And to go with him, Charlie Ward, also pretty cool to have one of the players with him?

"Yeah, that's big time, he and Charlie are going up there together and Charlie was part of this getting going and having won the Heisman like he did, and then he was the best quarterback in New York City, that wasn't playing football, that's great."

What did you think about that, here's this guy with all this talent, so much success, and then he chooses basketball. What was your response to that?

"He's very smart, how many years did he play basketball?"

He had a nice career.

"His body is all in one piece, and I only saw him in one fight... It just shows you how versatile Charlie Ward was, he wasn't even first or second team in ACC, in basketball and he played up with the New York Knicks for an awful long time, and did good. He represented FSU."

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