"Camping With the Stars" on Bobby Bowden Field

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Talented young athletes from across the nation show off their skills on Bobby Bowden Field in front of a star studded cast of former Florida State heroes.

Kez McCorvey is one former Seminole who helped the prospects at camp.

"The level of athleticism has gone up. You've got guys that are strong and fast and powerful at such a young age. All they need is a little bit of wisdom, and how to play the position and the small technical things that they'll learn in time."

Recruits are hard at work on the field, but being able to learn from some of the best in the game makes the experience unforgettable.

Timmy Jernigen is a recruit who attended the camp.

"Amazing, almost like a dream. I mean this stuff a lot of people don't ever get a chance to do and you right there ten feet away from them. It's just a feeling you really can't explain."

At Camping With the Stars recruits not only get a chance to work with former Seminole greats, but even future hall of famer Jerry Rice stopped by with a few tips.

Rice says, "How I basically approached the game, my work ethic, and dedication to the game. These guys get an opportunity to see me still working hard are still finishing routes."

Seeing some of the best to ever the play the game means the world to young future stars like Darious Cummings.

"To see Jerry Rice, Dexter Carter, and Greg Jones, and all the greats that came to Florida State. Seeing them out on the field doing something we're doing, it's just something."

Only time will tell as to which of these young prospects will suit up in the garnet and gold.

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