ACC Football Officially Back

PINEHURST, N.C. (AP) - ACC football is out to restore its reputation.

In last year's trying season, two of the league's highest-profile programs, Miami and Florida State, combined to lose 12 games, and Miami took part in one of the lowlights of the season when it engaged Florida International in a vicious on-field brawl.

Three coaches were fired, and no team placed higher in the final rankings than Number 18 Wake Forest, the unlikely conference champion.

Florida State's Andre Fluellen says, “A lot of it is just the attitude.” He says the Seminoles used to expect to win every game. Now they think they might win.

Others suggest it's a result of the rest of the league finally catching up to the Hurricanes and Seminoles.

Wake Forest's Jeremy Thompson says the quality of talent doesn't vary all that much from school to school.

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