Learning to Skateboard

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The jump is extreme and the landing can be precarious. Skateboarding is a dangerous sport but one Tallahassee business is providing a camp to help youngsters find the thrill without taking the painful spill.

Mojo's Skate Shop Co-owner Joe Kotazz says, "You don't have to be a good skater or a bad skater. Everyone learns from each other."

Mojo's Skate Shop accepts up to 15 kids a day to participate in the camp. Skaters can attend for a day or a week. While there they get to work on their skills while getting some much needed supervision.

Nick Davis, an 11-year old camper, says, "It's really good because if this camp didn't exist, I'd still be skating under my house."

Kotazz added, "They get the chance to learn new tricks. Just do things they haven't been able to do before and everyday is a new adventure for them."

Thirteen-year-old camper Aaron Remillard says, "It really helps to go to a camp and see everybody else do it because it helps work up the courage to do it yourself."

Seven-year-old Chandler Pridgeon adds, "I'm just learning to be natural and just learn to have fun."

Kotazz says, "It's fun to watch the ramp when they learn new trick they thought they couldn't do and they pull it off. It's like riding a bike; once you learn it you can do it all the time. They can do the new trick."

About 100 youngsters have gone through the camp so far and they're all looking for that perfect landing.

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