Every Team Has a Story: SwampDogs Win States

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It's a tale of a small town team with a funny name that has gone where no Live Oak team has gone before. The SwampDogs are headed to the Southeast Regionals, but winning State did not come easy.

"It was very exciting the second game because we came up there and shut them down the first three innings, on errors we came up with a couple of runs, but it was just really exciting," says SwampDog Brandon Furrey.

Exciting, but not alarming, the SwampDogs kept their heads up.

"We're going to win, that's what coach kept on saying this every time we came up to bat. We're going to win. We're going to win," adds Furry.

"To win it all was a surprise, we kept telling the kids to stay in the ball game, and keep the score low, you got a chance to win the game. It takes that little tangible called luck, we had it on our side," assistant coach Ronnie Baldwin explained.

The SwampDogs unprecedented success, has come with a great deal of fanfare. The community has really rallied around them.

"The whole town is really behind this little team, it's been really unbelievable, the financial end of it is pouring in, the talk is all about them," adds Baldwin.

"We're the first team ever from Suwannee, and we're just loving it right now," says Furry.

And it might get even better, as of bright and early Wednesday:

"We're going to Alabama Baby!" cites the jovial Furry.

And there, the SwampDogs take aim at the Southeast Regionals."

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