Tallahassee Roller Girls Simply Skating Along

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They're fast, tough, and now a force to be reckoned with in the roller derby world. They're Capitol Punishment of the Tallahassee Roller Girls, and did you know that it’s their first full season competing? Heading down the final stretch of the regular season Capitol Punishment only has one loss.

"I think we have immense potential. There's so much trust on the team. All the girls take care of each other. I don't wanna see anyone on my line get hit so I'm out there knocking people out of the way," said team member Maggie Jones AKA Moxie knockout.

"The loss that we incurred was against one of the most experienced teams in the state. So it was more of an educational experience for them," said team member Susana Garcia AKA Paper Cut.

With names like Trailer Thrash, Skate Outta Compton, Roxie Horror Ripper Show, and Battle Scar Galactica you can tell these ladies put as much thought into their names as they put effort into practice.

These ladies have their sights set on the Florida Championship in February. Hoping to finish the season at seven and one if they don't have the respect they deserve, they have ways of taking it.

"When you have that perfect hit, when you come across the track and just like hit someone into the suicide seating, the crowd really likes it. I've had friends sit in the suicide seats and I aim for them," said LaDawna McDonald, AKA La Voodoo.

They're back in action Saturday in Panama City.

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