Inside the Game

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Darin and Darius Lamar are a father and son combo striking up a new relationship as they compete in League play at Seminole Bowl.
16-year old Darius says, "I just like throwing the ball. It's like's fun to do."
His dad says, "I've been bowling about 10 years, my son started out in a youth league. I got him started bowling ever since. It's that quality time needed between a child and their father."
Bowling may not be the most popular sport but Darius says, "People don't know I'm out bowling but there's no shame to it."
Darin adds, "Once we get them out here and throw the ball one time, they get to like it. We just have fun and go from there."
Darius says, "So he just thought it would be fun and it's something we can do together."
Father and son exchange strikes on the alley since they're able to spare the time to share with each other.

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