Falcons Must Take Flight Without Vick

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The Falcons have lost their starting quarterback Michael Vick for an indefinite period thanks to a federal indictment.

They lost former Nole Warrick Dunn for weeks thanks to a surgically repaired back.

Plus, they lost former backup quarterback Matt Schaub in a trade to Houston before the whole Vick mess came to light.

With Joey Harrington slated to start the season as the Dirty Birds field general, all this does is substantiate the argument that bad news comes in threes.

As for the latest with Michael Vick, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges concerning animal cruelty in a Richmond, Virginia Court.

Vick as well as the 3 co-defendants have asked for a jury trial, and the judge set forth the date of November 26th.

The Feds have also made it clear that they are not necessarily done with the charges. They can still add charges to the case against Vick, who will likely miss the football season, but as we reported yesterday, as of now, there is no suspension, just orders to stay away from training camp by the NFL commissioner..

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