Best in Show in South Georgia

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Right about now, this one is headed to the dogs, and there ain't anything wrong with that.

Ironically, just 2 days after i saw "Best in Show" on the tube, there's a dog show going on in town.

The excitement is taking place in Beachton, Georgia. The little guys are competing in the standard event, and then the jumpers event. There was supposed to be a swimsuit competition, but public outcry has put an end to that.

The event is free for the public to attend. Keep in mind, it is indoors, which is good news for humans and dogs alike trying to beat the heat. However, when walking in, please keep an eye on where you step.

"It's a great time and if anybody has a dog and wants to get interested in it, I would suggest go out and try it. Don't be intimidated by trying to feel like you do it to be in it to go to the national level. Just get out there and have fun with your dog," says Tampa area dog trainer Teri Lee.

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