Coming off a bad week in Sports

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What an awful week in the sports world. A mixture of gambling, drugs, and violence took away from the usual entertainment, and reflected a harsh picture of a few of the ills in society.
A week after Michael Vick, the star QB of the Atlanta Falcons was indicted, his team owner Arthur Blank spoke,
“I know that many people are deeply distraught and incited to what they read in the indictment, and I am as well.".”
On Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell explained the league sentiment, suggesting that at this point, having Vick away from the team was the best way to handle the controversy.
On Thursday Vick went to court in Richmond, VA and plead not guilty. At the same time, he teammates took the field, preparing for a season likely without their star QB.
The federal government also is at work on a crime involving the NBA. Last Friday, the FBI announced that they were looking into charging referee Tim Donaghy for betting on NBA games that he had worked. On Tuesday, NBA commissioner David Stern announced that this was the worst news to hit the NBA in 40 years.
On the world scale, the Tour De France continues to be comprised of cheaters. On Tuesday a time leader was booted from competition for a failed drug test, then on Wednesday a few more cyclists were kicked out of the Tour De France, including overall leader, Denmark’s Michael Rasmussen thanks to violating team rules… or should I say.. cheating.
All of this seems to have created a safe haven for the national pastime. Oh wait, there’s this guy, who is just two home runs shy of the All-Time home run mark. And by the way, throughout the week there were more reports from former BALCO chemists and Barry Bonds mistress, raising further accusations of steroids abuse. The federal government, meanwhile, are looking into perjury and tax evasion charges.
Sports are meant to provide an escape from the harsh realities of society. This past week, even the sports world couldn’t escape.

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