Peace in the Hood

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Ballers are divided into teams, then they battle it out to see who's got game. For players like George Burns is was a relief to hit the court.
"Anytime I'm stressed out or having a bad day I can just go on the court and shoot a few jumpers and I fell A-okay."

Organizers of Peace in the Hood says the goal is to get these young basketball players off of the streets and onto the the hard court.

Ahmad Aliyy is a former FSU basketball player. "They're here and they're not out there doing something. They are in an environment where they're being watched and being applauded for playing basketball."

Carlton Faison is a FAMU student who is enjoying the camp. "This event gives people, young people in the neighborhood a chance to do something productive, something positive, and get that time off of being in negative activities like being on the street and it's just a good thing to come out and give back to the community."

At the end of the day Peace in the Hood organizers hope these young stars will remember to continue to thrive on the basketball court, rather than the streets.

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