The Colquitt High Packers Enjoy a Winning Cause

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The Colquitt High School Packers seem to be ready for the season. This is a team that will face some high expectations, because in South Georgia, they don't take losing easily, and in Tim Cokely's two years on the job, the Packers are still looking to break into the playoffs.

What the coach is more focused on is the team's mentality and chemistry. It's not about just winning on the grid-iron, for Cokely, it's more about the game of life.

"During the summer we pass a lot. Most of the local teams will pass against other teams and things of that nature. So that's what we did, we played seven on seven up there in football, but they also had some things for our linemen to do so we could bring the whole and use it as a team building experience," says Coach Cokely.

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