Vick Speaks for First Time Since Indictment

Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick has been ordered to stay away from Falcons training camp until the NFL finishes up its own private review of the illegal dog fighting case against the Pro Bowl QB.

A QB that in a seven-year NFL career has called his own audibles and has been quick to run from pressure situations only to find the end zone and multi-million-dollar success in each instance. But in a matter of 2 weeks, that all has changed, especially since Vick hasn't spoken to the public since the indictment. Monday, however, he broke that silence to Porsche Foxx and V-103 fm radio in Atlanta.

"I know I put the city through a lot, and my owner, Arthur Blank, who I love sincerely, it's hurt me to put him through these situations and for him to have to deal with that because he shouldn't have to. To all of my ATL fans, I love ya'll hopefully I'll see ya'll again. It remains to be seen, but that's what I'm working on," said Vick during the exclusive interview with V-103fm.

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