Ultimate Fighting Taking Tallahassee by Storm

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It's taking the sporting world by storm. Mixed martial arts is rapidly knocking boxing from its place as America's gladiator game.

"It's as pure as it gets. There's nothing to hide out there in the cage. If a guy submits and you see the pain on his face, I don't think anyone has any illusions that this isn't real," says Brian Orkin

The sport is growing leaps and bounds in the south and especially in Tallahassee with the new gym and fight team "Tallahassee Mixed Martial Arts.

"It's awesome. I've been to a lot of big cities, fought in a lot of big shows. It's nice to come from Tallahassee. I feel like it’s my home. We're gonna have a school here and fight all over the southeast region and represent Tallahassee," says Josh Odom

Four fighters from Tallahassee Mixed martial arts will be fighting for bragging rights in the upcoming MMA event at the Mathis City Auditorium in Valdosta on September 15. There they'll get their fight on.

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