Valdosta Wildcats: Hungry for a Winning Season

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The Valdosta Wildcats are the winning-est high school football program in the nation. That comes despite consecutive years of disappointing records. This year, the Wildcats plan to scrap away their recent losing trend, and live up to the winning ways of the Valdosta High football past.

Jamaal Hunter is a senior defensive end for the Wildcats.

"We have talking about us returning to dominance and we are just locking forward to trying to make it back. Trying to get the fans happy again."

The wildcats encountered some tough luck in the '06 season. There are few other ways to explain how five out of their seven losses were by five points or less. For that reason, coach Rick Tomberlin aimed to get the 'Cats tougher, bigger, and stronger by getting them to hit the weight room this past off-season. Sure enough the winning has begun, as the 'Cats won their first ever weightlifting state title.

Rick Tomberlin is in his second season coaching VHS. "I think that extra work and that extra work will pay dividends. It might not help immediately, but I think over time it will make us better and help us achieve the goals to be a championship program."

Champs in the weight room, but can they do it on the field. The outlook is positive as they bring in plenty of defensive depth.

Tomberlin says, "We've got ten of our top twelve players back from back from last year and I still believe in the old fashioned way like coach Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi. You've got to win with defense first."

As for the offense, with the keys in hand, senior quarterback Michael Turner intends to get the Wildcats out of neutral.

Turner says, "It's getting better. Everybody's getting the offense, so it's really clicking now better than it was last year."

And so the season awaits with the 'Cats looking to take a note out of their fabled past, and return to national greatness.

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