Cairo High School Football Preview

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Johnny Williams, defensive end for the Syrupmakers, says, "It's the best thing to do. If you aren't playing football you're doing something your not supposed to be doing."

Football is a way of life in South Georgia, and for these Syrupmakers strapping up the pads each August is a time honored tradition.

Tom Fallaw, Cairo High School's head football coach, says, "Cairo kids are characterized by the speed that we have and the toughness that we do have. We don't have a lot of size but I know when the lights come on that these kids are going to fly around and they're going to hit someone."

Players like Xavier Jordan are ready to show off some of that hard hitting action. "Lots of hitting and lots of running. Just a great game. We put on a show for you."

The show ended a little short last year for the Cairo rowdy crew. They finished with an impressive 10-2 record, but lost in the second round of the state play-offs.

Jonathan Bryant is a senior wide receiver on the Syrupmakers. "We kind of fell short handed last game. We made some big mistakes that they really capitalized on."

Now the Syrupmakers hope to sing a different song, but it's going to be tough. They lost some players in key positions. On the list of things to do this season, find a quarterback and some offensive linemen to fill the gaps.

Kris Powell is confident they will find the guys for the job. "We're dong good. We've got a lot of young kids that have a lot of heart and aren't scared to play."

Youth and courage making for excellent ingredients in Cairo's championship recipe.

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