Brooks County High School Football Preview

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Rashad Rose, a Trojan Strong Safety, says, "We practice hard on defense so we can make our offense better. That's how we do."

A tough, powerful, and strong defense is what the Brooks County Trojans hope will get their football team to the next level this season. Trojan head football coach, Ryan Branch, agrees that defense is key.

"We think defense can win championships and that's where we are going to base our football team and build our football team around."

The defense is stacked with 13 starters returning to that side of the ball, but a new offense might be the key that unlocks the Trojans championship hopes.

Clifton Davis is a junior on the Trojan squad.

"This year we are expecting to go to the Dome because we established a new offense. Trying to do better things than last year because we can't be five and five again."

Last season's 500 record did not meet lofty expectations, but the team is now more mature with a group loaded of juniors.

Coach Branch says, "We've got a good group of young kids. We are heavily junior laden. We've got a class of about thirty five in the junior class and they work extremely hard."

The Trojans are hopeful that hard work will pay off. With a team stacked with juniors, look for the Trojans to be a force to be reckoned with during the next two seasons.

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