Every Team Has A Story: Beating the Summer Heat

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It's that time of year again, the dog days of summer, and this week, more than ever, it is:
"It's crazy hot, it's silly hot, and it looks like it is staying that way," says WCTV Meteorologist Rob Nucatola.

"Well, this is Florida, and that's what we expect from Florida, hot weather, and a lot of my kids, they're pretty acclimated to it, we'll watch them and give them all water breaks, and make they don't do anything stupid out here and overheat themselves," states West Gadsden head football coach Robert Jackson.

"Well, right now we're probably in the hottest part of the year, so it's pretty difficult, but we're trained to dig deep, and that's what we're doing... digging deep," says FAMU's star wide out Willie Hayward.

"It's hard to fight through. I had a long sleeve on, but I found out quickly that I had to take it off. It's like 100-degrees today, but when you're out here, you don't think about it, you do feel it, but you push through it," adds FAMU star linebacker Vernon Wilder.

" We structure our practice accordingly so that we can allow our players to be able to hydrate properly, and give them the proper amount of rest that they need to be able to utilize their abilities," comments head Rattler Rubin Carter.

"It has a big impact, and we try to make sure that they have plenty of fluids out here. Our training staff does an excellent job. They keep records of the humidity, that's out here, and how high the humidity is getting, the higher it gets, we're going to give them more time to catch their breathe, water down, be sure that they don't have any cramp problems," says first-year VSU head football coach David Dean.

Whether you're in South Georgia or north Florida, every team has the same story this week. They're trying to beat the heat.

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