Munroe Bobcats Set for Iron-Man Football

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"The boys obviously have to be in shape. If they don't want to be out here, they don't have to be here because it's going to be iron-man football and everyone's gonna play every play just about," says Head Coach Adam Reep.

"It's tough; you gotta be in top condition, can't slack off none, gotta stay in the game," says runningback Dontavious Johnson

"I've been playing both ways since freshman year. You only have 11 people on the field at all times so it matters, but it doesn't really matter," says center Jason Cook.

It's not hard to figure out the keys to the bobcats.

"We have a running back that led big bend for most of the season with eleven hundred twenty six yards and seventeen touchdowns, great leader in the offseason. Also, our center is about 6’2”. He had a lot of pancakes last year and he's working hard for us," says Adam Reep.

Fans will soon see if the Cook-Johnson combo is a successful recipe for the Bobcats this season.

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