FAMU High Preview: Ready to Repeat

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Last year is in the record books, the Rattlers went down to Miami as state contenders, just to return as champions. Bad news for this year's competition, after enjoying the fruits of their labor in '06, the Rattlers want to do the same in '07.

"This has been a coach's dream, I have not had to speak to any of them about the off-season workout, the athletes are great, they're hungry, they want it again, they like the feeling they had back in December," says head coach Ira Reynolds.

"Expecting for us to go out, play hard, try to repeat what we did last year, and make everything easier," says defensive standout Willie Ferrell.

"It's good having the honor, but, we know we have big targets on our back this year," says lineman Kendrick Durant.

Of course, most of the attention will be on the star running back Richard Watson. The soon to be Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket will be the focus of the opposing defense.

"I feel real good cause when he gets notoriety, it means I'm doing my job, we're doing something right," says Durant.

"We're extremely blessed now to have the level of athletes we have... It's not good to be in that situation right now," adds Coach Reynolds.

As for Richard, he has his own reasons to succeed.

"It would be a great feeling, last year I got a chance to win with both of my brothers on the team, now with my younger brother...just makes my whole high school career even better," says the Super Six.

In '06, they conquered, in '07, they want more.

***Video Highlights can be Found at 6PM 8/7/07

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