Bearcats Ready to Maul

Stretched out along Highway 84, there are a number of schools just dripping with Region Championship potential. The Bainbridge Bearcats play ball basically where Highway 27 meets Highway 84, and you'd be silly to overlook the Purple & Gold.

Everyone in the Region knows the Bainbridge Bearcats are coming out of hibernation. After 3 consecutive first round losses in the 4-A playoffs, the school brought in some new blood, Coach Ricky Woods, who won 5-State titles in Mississippi.

Bearcats Senior Quarterback Nick Williams said: "Oh, I'm loving Coach Woods. They have us ready to win a lot of games this year. We are gonna work hard and not worry about what people say. We're just gonna play, play football."

Bearcats Linebacker Ramadon Jimoh-Oso said, "He's great, he helps us with our homework, he comes to our houses to chill, we go over to his house to chill. He's just awesome."

Bearcats Head Football Coach Ricky Woods said: "Well, they wanna win. They like the game and that's real positive."

The positives for the Purple and gold rely on speed and leadership. While former Super 6-er, Mike Brown is now at Valdosta State, the Bearcats shouldn't miss a step this year with Rashad Russell, Chris Bush, and quarterback Nick Williams returning for the final year. You can believe the good vibes are infectious.

"They are all stars to me as long as they're on this team," said Woods.

"Defense is gonna be straight this year, everybody came back from last year. Offensive line and defensive line working hard all day everyday," said Jimoh-Oso.

"Everybody, from the line to the wide receivers to the runningbacks, We have Rashad Russell, Chris Bush... so much talent and speed. We are gonna surprise people this year," concluded Williams.

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