Madison County Football Preview

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Any team who takes the field at Boothill better be ready because for these Madison County Cowboys, football is a way of life.

Frankie Carroll, MCHS head football coach, says, "You know I don't know if it's the program or if there's not a lot else to do in Madison County, but they seem to like to play football."

The Cowboys are stacked with tremendous talent each season. These athletes make Madison County a jaw dropping team to watch.

Carroll says, "I think we play what the old time football. A smash mouth on offense and defense just get out there and hit you. That makes us who we are.”

This year the boys return ten starters on offense, and six on defense. They hope that a team stacked full of juniors will be key to making a run for the championship. Last year the cowboys fell a little short. Their season ended in a loss to Bolles in the semi-finals. The loss was disappointing to Jacobbi McDaniel, a junior on the Cowboy's squad.

"Yeah it was very disappointing to go that far and just lose like that. This year we are going to go very far."

The leadership of players like Jacobbi McDaniel and Travis Arnold are two reasons why Madison County could walk away this year, with a state title.

Travis Arnold, a senior safety and running back for the Cowboys, says, "We are more focused than we were last year. We are all about it this year."

And for the boys from the Boothill, that focus will keep their eyes on the ultimate prize.

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