It's Wally's World Again!

The South Coast League of professional baseball has announced that they have reinstated South Georgia Peanuts Manager Wally Backman for the remainder of the 2007 season.

Backman, who resigned from the same post on Tuesday afternoon, met with league officials on Friday morning to discuss a potential return.

The South Coast League issued the following comments during Friday’s press conference:

"The South Coast League takes pride in being seen as a league for second chances. From players to managers and front office personnel, we have all made mistakes and should be given the opportunity to make things right.

Three days ago we were firm on our stance of accepting Wally Backman’s resignation as manager of the South Georgia Peanuts. Yesterday afternoon we received a phone call from Wally during which he expressed genuine regret and remorse with his separation from the South Coast League.

Our philosophical differences did not stem from any on-field related activity as we believed and continue to believe that Wally is a quality manager and a superior evaluator of talent.

The foundation of our differences revolved around our belief that Wally was unable to affectively communicate his objections to league policies and procedures and appropriately respond to adverse situations.

Following yesterday’s conversations and this morning’s face to face meeting we now believe that Wally has embraced the South Coast League vision, and is ready, willing, and able to work within the parameters the League has set forth for all employees."

Currently in first place, the Peanuts will continue to push for an SCL championship with Backman at the helm.

In addition to his return, the South Coast League announced that they have come to terms on a contract extension with Backman for the 2008 season to stay on as manager of the South Georgia Peanuts. The contract will include a clause that would allow Wally to leave his duties with the Peanuts if he were offered a position within a major league organization.

Already with three players signed to affiliated contracts, Wally and the Peanuts share in the league's vision of player development and look to build upon a successful first season in the South Coast League. With the right personnel in place, the SCL is excited to move forward in reaching their goal of becoming the premiere independent baseball league in the country.

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