The John Paul II Panthers are on the Prowl

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There may not be many Panthers prowling around the football field at John Paul II, but the players that make up the team are putting their best foot forward. Coach Mike Olesnevich says there are a few challenges his boys are facing this yea. "Our weakness is leadership this year. I lost five crucial seniors last year and two of them combined for thirty-five touchdowns and the other one was Tallahassee defensive player of the year. So that hurts."

So the pressure is on for the seniors to fill that leadership role, and Chris Cantero is definitely feeling it. Cantero says, "There's a lot of pressure on me and the other seniors because there are only four of us."

Dale Harrison is another senior trying to lead his team to a successful season. He takes over as quarterback, a position he's never played before. Harrison says, "It's hard because you have people looking up to you and you just have to be perfect every time."

And there is a little more on their shoulders this year too because the Panthers exceeded expectations last year, taking the title of district runners up. Cantero says, "It felt great because no one expected us to go so far. I have to say I was surprised myself and now we have higher expectations."

Now that the team has expanded from sixteen players to twenty one, the Panthers might just have what it takes to compete for there district championship

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