Pacman Makes Wrestling Debut

Not a finger was laid on Jones on-camera Sunday at the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling event, but several were awfully close. A wrestler rushed the stage after jawing with Jones, but four actors with police clothing tackled him just out of reach.

Minutes later, the studio television screens flashed to Jones backstage, lying on the ground after being purportedly attacked.

The Tennessee Titans got a court order prohibiting Jones from participating in any wrestling activity after he promised in a taped segment Thursday on TNA's weekly Spike TV show to appear.

Jones, the team and TNA reached an agreement Friday allowing him to perform - under extensive stipulation. He could not touch or be touched, grapple, shove, throw or have anything thrown at him by anyone working for or watching the show.

The Titans did not immediately return phone messages late Sunday night.

Jones didn't show until several hours into the event, emerging through a tunnel to laser lights and fireworks. The announcer called him the most controversial man in professional sports today, and Jones spurned his try for a handshake.

Jones has been suspended from the NFL for the 2007 season for violating the league's personal conduct policy by being arrested six times. Police records for various incidents in Tennessee and Georgia show five different arrests for the former first-round draft pick.

His sixth arrest came in June when he was booked by Las Vegas police in the most serious case. He is under indictment there on two felony counts of coercion stemming from a February fight at a strip club that left a bouncer, a former wrestler himself, paralyzed.

Jones' in-ring appearance lasted about 10 minutes. He wore black trunks, a sweat shirt and shirt reading "Pacman" that featured characters from the video game. Some of the roughly 1,000 watching in the Universal Orlando broadcast studio booed, but others seemed to be on his side. Admission for them is free, but the pay-per-view event cost $29.99.

TNA said it wouldn't immediately know how Jones' involvement affected sales.

Jones paced the ring and scowled, then picked up the microphone. He said he always dreamed of wrestling when the announcer asked why he came. The interviewer seemed surprised by his short response, then asked what Jones' goal was.

"To show the world that I am the best team player that ever lived," he said, repeating a statement from earlier this week.

Jones turned around as wrestler Ron "The Truth" Killings appeared with a beef. The two jawed some from 20 yards apart.

"You know what sickens me? You say something about being a team player? A team player? Allow me to welcome you to the snake pit," Killings said. "You see, Pacman, professional wrestling is not a team sport."

Killings said in an expletive-marked tirade that several wrestlers were in line to take Jones down, and it was bad luck he couldn't fight.

"You talk a lot, know what I'm saying," Jones said. "You talk a lot. But one thing about me, I don't talk the talk, I walk the walk."

Killings then rushed to the ring before being tackled.

"This ain't what you want anyway. You act like this is what you want but this ain't what you want," Jones said as Killings was led away by four "policemen." Jones strutted in the ring, then hopped out.

There was no word from Jones after the video of police trying to help him.

TNA said Jones would not speak with reporters, but might issue a statement later.
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