Leon Football Ready to Climb Back to Greatness

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The Leon Lions hope a change in coaching will lead to an improvement from last year's disappointing 2-8 record.

"They played a lot of teams really close last year and ended up losing toward the end of that and we're trying to stress that," said Head Coach Brian Regans.

"With the new coaching staff and the new players and the new attitude brought to the team, I think we'll definitely improve on that record," said quarterback Austin Dantin.

"We're expecting big things; new coach, new staff, and we're trying to make everybody believe in Leon again. Everybody thinks we can't have a good season so we're coming out to show we can," said linebacker William Simmons.

With Leon High's career tackler Sam Bradley and other star linebacker Will Simmons coming back, the defense should be well improved. On the Offensive side of the ball, the Lions look to get away from that run heavy offense and bring some fun into the gameplan.

"We're gonna have a wide open offense, lots of passing with some option in the backfield taking from last season. We're just gonna be gun and go," said Dantin.

Leon fans are certainly hoping that the new coach and offense will take the Lions back to prominence.

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