Every Team Has A Story: Local Stars on the Diamond

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What a summer it's been for the 13 and 14 year old Tallahassee All-Stars. The kings of the diamond will soon head to Glen-Allen, Virginia for the Babe Ruth League World Series.

"It's exciting... I know how hard they've worked, and how they came together, we had a tough road up in North Carolina, we had to fight the elements and 10 other teams from around the south, it was quite an accomplishment, it's just now sinking in," says the Tallahassee 14 year old All-Stars coach Rick Jones.

The success of both teams is nothing news to Tallahassee. Little League victories are about as common as the vintage canopy roads.

"Both teams are in, that's never happened before, so I mean it's good, everyone knows about Tallahassee in the first place, but now we know it even more," says All-Star Jordan Priddle.

"I don't know, Tallahassee has been real, real, good, every team we play, we've definitely been a lot better than," adds All-Star Miller Jones.

As for the benefits of being a winner:

"It's parent-free, so we don't have to deal with any parents, and it's all paid for," explains Priddle.

"Oh, great, no parental vision, and everything and no curfews are great to," adds Miller Jones.

Coach Jones adds, "It's part of the whole Babe Ruth World Series experience, they'll all get to fly up there, Babe Ruth will pay for that, and then they'll be host-housed with families in the Glenn Allen area, so it's all going to be quite an experience, both culturally, and hopefully on the playing field for them as well."

With success in Tallahassee, Suwannee, Wakulla, and Moultrie too, the boys of summer have made this a year to remember.

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