Maclay High Football Preview

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Building a winning tradition in high school football is difficult enough, but try doing that starting from square one. That's the daunting task that Coach Jeff Schaum faces as he builds the Maclay High football program. Coach Schaum says,"It's a labor of love but it's a fun thing to do.The future is ahead of us and we've got a great opportunity. It's one of the most fun jobs I've had."
Coach Schaum will have his work cut out for him as the Marauders feature only one senior on the team and that would be quarterback William Webb. Coach Schaum has made the senior signal caller his starting QB since Webb has shown great leadership on the field. Webb says, "I always loved football. I came here and I was disappointed that we didn't have a football team and I went a couple of years without it but now we have one so I'm real excited to start playing again. It should be fun."
There will be plenty of growing pains for the young Marauders but junior linebacker Wally Woodham transfers in from Lincoln High School and is ready to lead this defense.Woodham says, "We feel like we definitely can win. We have some kids transfer from Leon, Godby and what not so we definitely have the players and I think we have the coaches and I think we have the ability to win."
Coach Schaum adds, "We're looking forward to it. I mean the enthusiasm is there. The school spirit is there. The support is there. It's just a great opportunity."
An opportunity these athletes will cherish for a lifetime.

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