Inside the Game

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The temperatures are hitting triple digits almost on a daily basis so it does not take much to get a high school football coach fired up. Football practice is in full swing in both south Georgia and northwestern Florida and so are the coaches. Here is a sampling of just a few of the things you will hear from the fields where dreams begin:
"Catch the ball!"
"Preston, you're turning around like you're scared."
"He is scared coach."
"And that's the problem."
"You catch the ball with your eyes. You look the ball all the way into your hands. Your eyes do the work. Your hands just sit there."
"Go there. If that guy washes out, then plant and go."
"Come on keep hustling."
"Come on push yourself... A little toughness this morning."
"Just make the play. Stay over the top of him. Nice job."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah..."
"Come on Cory. Come off the ball."
"Too high again!"
"Stay inside the lines running backs."
"Don't make me eat my words. You've all done a great job. Let's get it done this afternoon. Everybody got me?"
"Yes, sir!"
Just another day at the office for for high school football coaches.

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