Jefferson County Football Preview

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The Jefferson County Tigers are back on the prowl after finishing 2006 with a losing season. Coach Rodell Thomas, now more experienced in his second year, is whipping his pack into shape.
Thomas says, "We are going to contend this year. This is my second year here. Last year we had a late start. This year we had everybody in camp on August sixth versus last year when we had eight kids the first two weeks. So that is a big difference."

That extra practice makes things a little easier for the Tigers, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Jatavin Bennett is the Tigers quarterback. "This year is much easier than last because we are running the option mostly."

Communication in the backfield is key for the option to be a success. Lucius Wade, the Tigers running back, says, "If my quarterback goes then I go. The offense is basically built on speed this year. If me and my quarterback don't have it right then we won't be right."

And you can't forget about the defense. What they lack in size, they make up for in speed. Sprinkle in some extra confidence and the Tigers "D" will be tough to beat. Reginald Watkins is part of that confident defense. "With me leading the defensive line nobody's really going to run the ball to my side. So it makes it easy for the coaches because the defense is going to be one-sided because they are going to run away from me."

After finishing last year with a losing season, that kind of confidence might be the rallying cry to put these Tigers back into the hunt for a winning season.

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