FSU Fans Look Forward to the 2007 Season

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A tough scene for Seminole fans to stomach as the Florida Gators hand FSU it's sixth and final loss of the 2006 season. Now the garnet and gold faithful expect a return to football greatness.

Rachel Antoine is a senior at FSU. "I think the pressure is really on for us, especially since UF won the National Championship last year. I think we all want to show that Florida State can come out this year and have a great season."

Zachary Buddee is a freshman who is looking forward to the football season. "I am expecting a National Championship in the next four years."

Tara Effingham is a member of the band at Florida State. "Being a junior the past four years have been a little disappointing to say the least, especially last year. It just wasn't a great season as we all know."

FSU fans are still disappointed after a sub-par performance last year. But with a new coaching staff and a fresh start the FSU faithful can't wait to gear up in that garnet and gold.

Rachel Antoine says, "Unfortunately last year wasn't so great but hopefully this year we'll have some new recruits. I know we have some great recruits this year so hopefully that will help out the team."

Travis Vorbeck is starting his Freshman year at Florida State. He is loading up on team memorabilia. "It's really important because my dad went here. I have to have everything I need to be ready. I have to show my school spirit."

Tara Effingham says, "Hopefully with a new coaching staff this year, things are going to pick up and hopefully we are going to kick some butt and beat those Gators."

While the fans are focused on the Gators, the Seminoles will take things one game at a time, as they try to reclaim their elite status as one of the best football programs in the nation.

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