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With so much attention on college and high school football, one semi-pro football team in south Georgia has avoided the spotlight even though they're racking up the wins.

The South Georgia Warriors have reeled off seven straight wins to begin their season. One which many in the Thomasville area did not think would happen, but here's what some of the Warriors had to say about playing in this semi-pro football league, "Some people looking for pay but we're out here for the love of the game."

"You got a group of guys out here that's playing for fun. You know it's not all about the money."

"I think everybody just wants to win. We just want to win."

"We trying to make a goal for ourselves. We're trying to make put Thomasville on the map.

The passion to play football has always been there but there wasn't always the means to play.

The Warriors are a first year semi-pro franchise who are a perfect 7-0 this year, but for many of these, they were part of a failed team. The Thomasville Trotters were forced to fold after just 2 games last season.

Wide receiver Jay Butler says, "We didn't come together last year. It just seemed like it was all out of whack when it first started" Defensive back Jay Jackson adds, "Some of the guys told me what happened last year so you know we just looking forward to going through the end and look at coming back out here next year."

35 players are dedicating themselves to winning on and that means plenty of sacrifice since these players need to find the time to practice even after they've worked at their daily jobs.

Defensive tackle Eric Donald says, "Early during the year before we started playing our season, it was a bit much for us to get to practice on time and everything but now we have the team and the discipline so we pretty much at practice every day."

No one has sacrificed more than team owner Gemika Ivey who has put more than $7,500 to make this team a reality.

Ivey said, "I just talked to the guys and we all came to an agreement that you all want to play football, I will furnish everything, I just need you all be just on the same page with me"

Linebacker Greg Clark broke it down simply, "Come out and support the Warriors because we doing this from the bottom of our heart."

And hopefully that love for the game can find a permanent home in south Georgia.

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