Thomasville Bulldogs: Barking Loud

The bark is definitely loud at Thomasville High... These Bulldogs know they have their work cut out for them in Region 2-AA, but that just gives winning a bigger reward.

Thomsaville Offensive Coordinator Matt Versluis said:
"You get the notoriety from the wins, we've had a few in the past, we need to get som more so the notoriety can come back."

Back is the ideal word... The Bulldogs returning starters include a big offensive line and a speedy quarterback in Kenny Dixon.

Thomasville Bulldogs Quarterback Kenny Dixon said:
"Makes me feel good that the O-Line has years under their belt, and I have 2 years so they know what they're doing, we're both on the same page."

Coach Versluis added:
"They've worked together for 4 years and they'll create a force inside that people are going to have to deal with."

Teams will aslo have to deal with 6-foot-3, 284 pound Brandon Thompson... He'll instantly because the target of various blocking schemes this season, but the big defensive tackle likes the challenge.

Thomasville Bulldogs Defensive Tackle Brandon Thompson said:
"When the bar is raised, I work my best... That's when I've got to work better."

And that will to win has these Bulldogs drooling at the chance to bring back a championship.

Coach Versluis said:
"They know the hardwork in the weightroom will pay off and they'll be laying some licks on some people."

Thompson concluded:
"I'm expecting to go (15-0)... Nothing less than that."

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