A Special Weekend For Local Little League Teams

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The site of children playing baseball on television always scares me a bit, it seems like an awful large amount of pressure to perform at such a young age, but the Warner Robbins Little League team did so gracefully.

It all ended on the crack of the bat of Dalton Carriker, who hit a game-winning homerun in the 8th inning.

This is now the second year in a row, that a team from Georgia has won the title. The most important line came from the team's coach who said, "They just like to play the game."

I'd imagine the same is true of the 13-year old baseball team, who represented Tallahassee well in Leesburg, Virginia over the weekend.

They did so in dramatic fashion, at one point down 6 nothing before staging a 7-run turnaround. This action came on Saturday, by Sunday they were back in Tallahassee, where we had a chance to catch up with some of the winners, who helped take us back to the defining moment.

"Mark walked and Bobby scored. We all just jumped on Bobby and he was a big important part of the tournament. I was just really happy we came back from six to nothing," says Nick Shafer.

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