A Wacky Weekend At Bristol

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The boys of NASCAR enjoyed some tight racing this Saturday in Bristol, Tennessee. As usual things got wacky on the oval course, and this weekend was no different. All you have to do to confirm that is take a look at the top 3 names from the finish.
Carl Edwards offers neither the ritz nor glitz, Kasey Kahne has been struggling all season, and then Clint Bowyer is barely as famous as that cute little pug that is always on WCTV.
The change was a good thing for Kasey Kahne fans. Dodge has struggled to keep up with the changes this season.
Kasey Kahne explained, "Just battled, I think the first 300 laps or 250 laps we were probably the best car, after that I think Carl came on a little bit stronger there at the end and I just about got back to him."

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