Every Team Has A Story: FSU Football

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In college sports, every team has a script. Within a year, the cast of characters and plot often changes. Not the case over the past three years at Florida State. With the same two quarterbacks sharing the lead role, the plot hasn;t changed all that much.

Last week, Jimbo Fisher ended months of speculation with a familiar decision, "The starter for the first game will be Drew Weatherford,...they both had good camps, they both played well, I still think we have two fine quarterbacks," said the new FSU offensive coordinator.

The first game might have an answer, but will it hold throughout the season? Each player has had a chance to nab the starting spot. A lack of consistency continues to plague each quarterback.

"Last year wasn't a very good year for us, we struggled at times, but I think we learned a lot and we matured a lot, and we're a much better team this year," says junior Drew Weatherford.

"If Coach Fisher wasn't here, then I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you...because I really was thinking of leaving," says Xavier Lee.

This season the Noles hope for a fresh result. The losing has taken it's toll. It seems that either way, change is coming. The plot will change with a climax of triumph, or the FSU coaches will begin auditions for a new cast of characters.

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