Tim Tebow Looks to Repeat

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Yes dreams do come true, especially if you are a Florida Gator and your name is Tim Tebow. He won a state championship in high school and now one as a freshman in college, in a season where the young quarterback proved he could do it all as Chris Leak's sidekick.

Tebow can run over some of the best defenses in the country. He even gets it done in the air, and watch out for that notorious jump shot. But now the pressure is on as Tebow takes over the Gator offense. Tebow says, "It's just exciting. I'm looking forward to it and being ready for everything. It's not just about getting the crowd hyped or doing this or doing that, but it's trying to lead the offense and manage and put some points on the board."

In 2006, Tebow helped rack up the points. He threw five touchdowns and rushed for eight. But now the Gators will need more out of their talented sophomore.

Urban Meyer, The University of Florida head football coach, says, "His focus is going to be complete on every play, taking the snap and executing the assignment, and when he does that he'll be one of the best quarterbacks in the country."

Whether or not Tebow lives up to the
Gator nation's expectations is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure, the Tebow show will be jam packed with excitement.

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