Former Hoops Star Turns to NASCAR

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He's a former college basketball All-American, and a 5-time NBA All-Star, but you won't hear former Cleveland Cavalier Brad Daugherty talking hoops these days. The 7-footer's expertise now revolves around the track. Daugherty is a NASCAR analyst for a sports network, and has been involved with NASCAR for nearly 20 years.

"I actually owned a couple of race teams throughout the years and I've done some things with NASCAR," says Daugherty.

Daugherty and NASCAR Chief Executive Brian France co-founded NASCAR's Diversity Council. Bringing diversity into the sport has been a goal of Daugherty's and is now a NASCAR objective.

"When you talk about wanting to have more inclusivity... People want to cheer for people who they have something in common with. So, we need to have more drivers, eventually, driving at the Cup level in order to give their fans something to cheer for. Then we'd see more people at the race track," says the former hoops star.

The one thing Daugherty has picked up is that picking a winner is not a slam dunk.

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