Gillespie Sentenced to Probation

Former FAMU basketball coach Mike Gillespie was in court Tuesday to face stalking charges.
Gillespie was arrested in May, fired in August and Tuesday, entered a plea in court.
Former FAMU basketball coach Mike Gillespie walked into courtroom 2-C and plead "no contest" to misdemeanor stalking charges.
His attorney did all the talking afterward, claiming the case was winnable in court, but the Gillespie's didn't want it to drag on any longer.
"It's his best wish for his family and for his future because you know he's not employed now. He has to get employment. He needs to move forward," said Gillespie's attorney Tim Jansen.
Gillespie was arrested in May after he was accused of stalking a woman with whom he had an affair and ignored repeated warnings from police to stop.
Gillespie was sentenced to one year probation, ordered to undergo counseling twice a month, and have no further contact with the victim.
"I think the victim is happy with the plea agreement," said prosecutor Georgia Cappelman. "Her primary objective was to make sure that the defendant would not have any further contact with her and so, part of the plea agreement was the injunction - which is permanent - and she's really pleased to have that in place," Cappelman said.
Cappelman says during the investigation, two other women stepped forward and claimed Gillespie harassed them too, but they never reported it to police.
Gillespie's wife was with him in court Tuesday morning, saying their marriage is back on solid ground.
"It's been tough. It's made us stronger. We're still together and we're going to be together until the end of time, Connie Gillespie said.
Gillespie's attorney says the winning coach, with two NCAA bids under his belt, intends to pursue legal action against FAMU for cutting his contract short.
Tim Jansen says Gillespie does have some job leads in Jacksonville and overseas.

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