FAMU Still Looking for a Victory

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Wilder, a FAMU linebacker,says, "This is really disappointing right now because the season wasn't supposed to go like this."

The Rattlers are reeling after another loss, this time in their home opener against Delaware State. The sparks weren't there, especially on the offensive side of the ball. One reason for that may be the last minute call to have star wide receiver Willie Hayward rest a sore leg. Now Coach Carter is trying to get his team in check.

FAMU coach Rubin Carter says, "This is one of those self checks, self evaluation deals. We have to deal with it order to find a way to win the game.

The Rattlers open the season with two losses, something they are familiar with. They started 0-2 last season.

Wilder says, "We were supposed to win the last two games and we blew the last two games. It just comes down to practicing and we've got to ask ourselves tonight and tomorrow how bad we want the season because the season needs to turn around."

They will have to try and turn things around this week as they take on Howard at home.

Carter says, "Since I have been at Florida A&M we find a way to win a game after being in this situation. Being 0-2 we find a way to come back and win. This is a critical game and there is no doubt about it. We have to win the next ball game."

When the Rattlers were in this situation last season starting out 0-2 they did find a way to win. They took three straight victories and won six out of their next seven games. FAMU hopes to have the same kind of luck this year.

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