VSU Blazers Have Dominated Football Scene

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The hottest act in town is in Valdosta, where the VSU Blazers sit at a pretty 2 and 0, with a combined 110 points, to just 3 points allowed.

This past weekend's game in Fort Valley State, a team that Blazers quarterback Willie Copeland used to suit up for.

He looked like a professional out there in his return, tossing 3 touchdowns. While Copeland hopes to join the pros one day, something that hasn't kept a former Valdosta State Blazer from keeping an eye on his Alma mater.

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Richard Collier commented, "I'm real proud of my boys man. Last week we beat Albany 45-3... This week 69-nothing. I'm proud of them man... Go Blazers."

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