Gators Prepare to Host Volunteers

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"Man, aint too much you need to hype up. It's Tennessee, it's the Volunteers. I'm pretty sure that Tennessee is gonna be ready for the Gators and the Gators are gonna be ready for Tennessee," said former Gator Reggie Nelson.

It's that time of the year again, when the Gators lock up with the Volunteers in one of the most intense rivalries in sports. Only this year the game is taking place in the swamp, not Knoxville.

"A game that you dream of playing in. It's so exciting. There's just a different feel this week. It's not just an ordinary week of going out there. You're playing Tennessee," said Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

"It's not a big week, it's a huge week. It's bigger then big. We treat rivalries very serious around here,” said Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer.

Even more serious considering the way the Gators snatched victory from the jaws of defeat scoring a late touchdown to lead the Vols and win the game 21-20. UT has revenge on the brain as they head to the Sunshine State.

"We're facing as talented team as there is in the country. They recruit very well. Excellent football players. It's gonna be two sledgehammers taking a swing at each other this Saturday," said Meyer.

So get Ready for some fireworks this weekend!

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