Braves Are Headed on a Undesirable Trend

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Hello there good people and thanks for joining us, let's talk a little baseball, where the fall harvest will soon take us to the playoffs, and one team that once again is unlikely to make it their are the Atlanta Braves.

After winning their division for 14 years in a row, the Braves are far behind the New York Mets for a second straight year.

You can't blame it on the Georgia bats, the Braves have scored the third most runs in the league, and with Mark Teixeira in the middle of the lineup, they are as potent as any club.

But long gone, are the Glavine and Maddux combo to complement John Smoltz.

The Braves are middle of the pack when it comes to pitching, as Smoltz remains and ace, and Tim Hudson has bounced back, Chuck James is a decent end of the rotation guy, but then just like the bullpen.. the Braves run in shallow waters.

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