Florida's Defense Making Gains in Gainesville

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With players like Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin making spectacular plays on offense, the Florida "D" gets lost in the shuffle although head coach Urban Meyer has taken notice.,
Meyer says, "My hats off first to our players, second to our staff. They did it again. They never cease to amaze me with their game plan and more important are those players playing their hearts out."
The Gators defense chewed up Tennessee's offensive line as they managed to hold the Vols to 35 yards rushing in the game.
But it was timely turnovers that gave Florida the momentum they would need to thrash the Volunteers.
"Those were gigantic plays (talking about UF getting an interception at the 10 yard line when the Vols were driving and Dustin Doe's fumble return for touchdown to put the Gators up 35-20). I didn't even think about them. Those are game changers. They are starting to get a little confidence where did they have confidence three weeks ago. If they said they did, they're lying to you because they don't know and now they know. This is just the first step now. This is a marathon not a sprint so there is some confidence starting to happen."
And with this squad gaining confidence, the Gators hope to win the marathon so they can repeat as champions.