Florida Gators Are On Their Way Back to the Promised Land

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The class of Division-1, the Florida Gators had their first challenge of the season, hosting the Tennessee Volunteers at the Swamp on Saturday.

Interestingly, you might recall last year the Gators were nearly left out of the championship game, because they didn't put up enough points, nor win by a big enough margin. Thus far, that shouldn't be a problem, they put up 59 points on the orange, and Percy Harvin led the charge with 75 rushing yards, 120 receiving, and an 18 yard TD run.

"I've only been around a few great, great ones and he's a guy with, he's got typical... it's a maintenance issue with Percy. You just have to make sure he understands, he's a big part of this offense and in the 3rd or 4th quarter when you're up 4-5 touchdowns, he's not but he does want want the ball in his hand. He's a warrior," says Head Gator Urban Meyer.

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