Every Team Has A Story: Rattlers Welcome Back Billy Joe

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"We're going to strike, and strike again!,"

With those words college football hall of famer Billy Joe rejoined the Rattlers nation. Just over two years ago a very different scene as Florida A and M had fired their long-time coach due to NCAA violations. The Rattlers move on, they hire coach Rubin Carter to follow coach Joe, all while Billy Joe fights to clear his name. A few weeks later, mission accomplished.

"I am totally vindicated, no major infractions, no minor infractions, my name has been completely redacted from their files," said Billy Joe in 2006.

Over the past 12 months the healing process has begun to unfold. The former head Rattler was enshrined in the college football hall of fame, and FAMU soon followed with their own enshrinement. Even the awkwardness between Coach Joe and his successor has dissipated, as the two football minds have come together.

"Very exciting coach to watch... he's a tough act to follow for me," said current Rattlers head football coach Rubin Carter.

Throughout all the drama, the god and the bad, the one constant that was never interrupted, Billy Joe has been a Rattler for life.

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