Every Team: Tallahassee Possums

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Before the Possums were created in Tallahassee lacrosse players were limited in play to their high school season.
Tallahassee Possums John Medina says,
"During the summer there is nothing for us to do. We go and see if we can get a bunch of guys together to scrimmage."
In just two seasons the Possums have already made an impact on the lacrosse community.
FSU head lacrosse coach Bill Harkins adds,
"We had sixty five players try out last year for the four teams. This year we had two hundred players try out for five teams."
19U Tallahassee Possums head coach Chuck Minter adds,
"It's exploding. The kids are finding that there is a lot more action than a lot of the other sports out there. It's an adrenaline rush."
The Possums allow teams for ages from eleven and under to seniors in high school the opportunity to showcase around the country in hopes of continuing their career. The Tallahassee branch joined the Florida Fighting Possums which has teams in Orlando and Jacksonville and has proven to be a successful tool to lead to college athletic scholarships.
Florida Fighting Possums founder Tom West adds,
"We have players in the top ten colleges in the country, Maryland, at UPENN, the division three schools, the division two schools."
Bill Harkins adds,
"As the head coach at Florida State University, it's great, because sooner or later I know all these kids will be coming in and they'll be coming to FSU and they'll be able to play for us."
Maybe not all of them will head to FSU, but as more and more make their way to the college level, the program will continue to grow.

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