FSU Seminoles Offense Is all About Change

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Of course, in Tallahassee, the talk around town has been the Florida State Seminole's offense. Or perhaps better stated, the lack their of.

People have been quick to compare the Noles 2007 offense to last year's version, but there are, in fact, many differences.

Perhaps the greatest difference lies in the fact that the team's offense is constantly changing. Each week, the Seminoles learn new assignments, featuring different talent. It is done to confuse the opposition, but three games into the season, it seems to be the Seminoles who are confused.

Drew Weatherford commented, "In this offense that we have now, we grow a lot, every week our personnel gets different, out plays get different, our protections change a little bit, we're having a hard time week-in and week-out changing up what we're doing and still playing fast and still playing aggressive."