Who is the guy? Clint Bowyer the Surprise NASCAR Winner

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Who is Clint Bowyer? That is the question on the minds of many NASCAR fans as the second year Nextel Cup circuit driver cruised to the checkered flag in the first race of the post-season. It might have been a shock to many of the fans, but for Bowyer, it's just part of the plan.

"That's exactly what I expected. I expected to be in this chase and be a part of it. That was the goal, and now that we're here, we've got to pick the pace up a little bit and race for the championship," says Bowyer.

This might be Bowyer's debut in the Chase, but he's got some experience at his wings with teammates such as Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick.

"It's very much beneficial. They've both been there in this Chase last year, I've been tuggin' on 'em pretty hard the last few weeks, just tryin' to learn everything I can to get myself prepared for this Chase," adds Bowyer.

Bowyer's gotten off to a great start.....after being the only driver to make the chase without winning a race, the 28-year-old earned his first career victory last week in New Hampshire. The win vaulted him from 12th in the standings, to number 4. Providing him with a great opportunity to steal the crown."

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