VSU Prepares for the Wonderboys

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We go to Valdosta State, where the Blazers will then make the drive to Russellville, Arkansas where in the 1820's Wonderboys ran rampant. It led to several concerns in the food chain, and years later, the Arkansas Tech football team would be named after them.

That might be fiction, but this is fact.... Even if we don't know why they're called the Wonderboys, Arkansas Tech is a perfect 3 and 0, thus far this season.
While the Blazers won their last game by 69-points, the Wonderboys just put up 51.

Blazers Head Coach David Dean explains, "They're a very explosive offense. Last week, they scored 52 points and had 52 points midway through the third quarter so they're very explosive. It may be one of those deals where we have to match them score for score and hopefully our defense will play very well and play like we did last week where the only thing we had to do is put up 7 points."

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